Guitar course for beginners May 13th!

Starting date: Monday May 13th 2024

Course time: 8pm

Amount of lessons: 10

Lesson duration: 1 hour

Price per 10 lessons:

under age 21: €180.00

above age 21: €200.00

Location: Muziekacademie Amsterdam, Schaepmanstraat 228, 1051JJ Amsterdam

Groups size: The classes consist of a minimum of 4 and maximum of 8 students.

What you need: All you need is functioning guitar. If you do not own a guitar yet we will be happy to advise you on which kind of guitar to buy!

What you learn: You will learn all the basic chords, basic strumming/fingerpicking patterns, how to play along with some simple songs and most importantly some methods on how to practice yourself in the most efficient manner at home.

How to sign up: To sign up the course please send an email with your details (full name, address, date of birth and phone number) to INFO@MUZIEKACADEMIEAMSTERDAM.COM stating that you would like to sign up for the guitar course for beginners. You will then receive an invoice and as soon as you transfer the payment your spot in the course will be secured.

Concerts and follow up courses: After you have completed the first 10 lessons you will have to chance to join a follow up course for another 10 lessons. We have courses running on multiple different levels and usually most people of the course you are in continue. That means usually the follow up course stays on the same time and day as your first course. Also, we organize a student concert twice a year where all groups get to perform on stage and meet the other students in a relaxed setting

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