Giacomo Camilletti


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Giacomo Camilletti, an Italian drummer born in Rome in 1997, embarked on his musical journey from a young age. Initially drawn to classical percussion and piano, he dedicated himself to the study of classical music until the age of 16.

However, his passion soon shifted towards jazz, prompting him to relocate to the Netherlands to pursue his academic studies at the renowned Conservatorium van Amsterdam. During his time in Amsterdam, Giacomo immersed himself in the world of improvised music and actively engaged with the vibrant jazz scene of the city.

Throughout the years, he has traversed Europe, recording, traveling, and performing with various bands and ensembles. This journey has allowed him to refine his energetic and compelling drumming style while expanding his command of modern drumming techniques.

With his rich musical background and a thoughtful approach to music, Giacomo is eager to share his knowledge and teach students of all ages and skill levels.

giacomo camilletti