Sebastiaan Scheurleer


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Sebastiaan Scheurleer, a guitarist based in Amsterdam, graduated from the jazz department of the prestigious Conservatorium van Amsterdam, earning his master’s degree in 2015. His profound passion for and extensive experience with diverse musical styles, including jazz, blues, soul, funk, rock, pop, and reggae, combined with valuable lessons from accomplished musicians, have molded him into an exceptionally versatile and skilled guitarist known for his expressive and soulful sound.

Sebastiaan’s guitar skills have graced the stages of numerous concert halls and radio/television shows throughout Europe, including notable venues like the North Sea Jazz Festival, Paradiso, The Concertgebouw, and Pauw&Witteman. He has shared the stage with esteemed artists such as Yuri Honing, Saskia Laroo, and Karsu Donmez, among others.

Sebastiaan embarked on his teaching journey in 2009 while still a student and has since found great joy in teaching individuals of various ages and musical backgrounds. His commitment to passing on the art of guitar playing and his infectious enthusiasm for music have grown into genuine passions from which he derives immense satisfaction. During lessons, he prioritizes guiding his students toward playing their favorite music while offering robust support in overcoming technical challenges.

sebastiaan scheurleer